Program Committee

The main purpose of the Program committee is to help the DHNB 2022 organisers to decide what contributions to accept and how to compose the conference programme including the post-conference proceedings.

Program Committee for the DHNB 2022 conference:

  • Isto Huvila (Sweden, chair)
  • Mikael Alm (Sweden)
  • Maria Berggren (Sweden)
  • Karl Berglund (Sweden, co-chair)
  • Jan von Bonsdorff (Sweden)
  • Anna Foka (Sweden)
  • Olga Holownia (Iceland)
  • Andres Karjus (Estonia)
  • Veronika Laippala (Finland)
  • Matti La Mela (Sweden/Finland, co-chair)
  • Karl-Johan Lindholm (Sweden)
  • Daniel Löwenborg (Sweden)
  • Costanza Navarretta (Denmark)
  • Anna Orrghen (Sweden)
  • Annika Rockenberger (Norway)
  • Olle Sköld (Sweden)
  • Mikko Tolonen (Finland)


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