Digital Humanities in Libraries, Archives and Museums Working Group (DHLAM)


Annika Rockenberger, University of Oslo Library, Oslo
Ditte Laursen, The Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen
Olga Holownia, The International Internet Preservation Consortium, Washington D.C.

Membership: All DHNB members interested in joining this working groups, should fill in the “Expression of Interest” form.

Scope and purpose

The LAM sector (libraries, archives, and museums) has been one of the key drivers of Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Early on, these institutions started digitising their vast collections, providing access to metadata, digital facsimiles of the items in their holdings, and machine-readable digital representations of their collections. They have been pioneering large-scale digitisation, capture of born-digital content, and have been developing ways of providing low-threshold access to the copious amounts of data they are collecting, curating and preserving. At the same time, LAM institutions have been early providers of digital skill development, offering training for researchers, students, and the general public in how to make use of and creatively build upon their digital collections.

With the recent rise in activity around Digital Humanities and GLAM labs, centres, hubs and a general expansion of digital humanities support for research and teaching at LAM institutions, we recognise the need for interconnecting the Nordic and Baltic LAM sector and find ways of sharing knowledge and disseminating information about the ongoing activities. We see the need for creating a virtual meeting space for those working at LAM institutions hosting digital collections, providing access to digital holdings, supporting research projects, and training researchers, students as well as the general public.

The Working Group “Digital Humanities in Libraries, Archives, and Museums” (DHLAM), proposes that meetings space, both virtually and physically. The WG aims to actively connect institutions and people within the field, to foster the free exchange of experiences, ideas, and visions and thus to actively support the primary purpose of DHNB, that is, to “support research, education, and dissemination of digital humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries”.

DHLAM: Activities


“Digital Humanities and the National and University Libraries and Archives (in the Nordic and Baltic Countries) – Workshop at the DHN2019”, co-organised by Stig Roar Svenningsen, Mads Linnet Perner, Ditte Laursen, Lars Kjær (Royal Danish Library), Annika Rockenberger (National Library of Norway), and Olga Holownia (British Library/International Internet Preservation Consortium)


“Digital Humanities Support Units in the Nordic and Baltic Countries – Workshop at DHNB2022” (proposed), co-organised by Annika Rockenberger (University of Oslo Library), Olga Holownia (International Internet Preservation Consortium), and Juliane M.-T. Tiemann (University of Bergen Library)