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Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, an associated organization to EADH, has been formed to strengthen research, education and communication in the field of Digital Humanities. In order to inform about what is going on, we need your help: Submit your news!

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Foto of the opening session of DHNB2022 conference in Uppsala. Anda Baklane hands the triangle over to Karl Berglund.
DHN 2019 opening
DHN 2018 Poster Slam
DHNB2022 opening
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  • Finnish Internet Parsebank

    Finnish Internet Parsebank

    The FIP consists of nearly 4 billion words automatically collected from the Web. It has full morphological and dependency syntax analyses. On the word-level, this includes the part-of-speech classes of the words and their morphological features (such as noun, singular and genitive), and on the sentence-level, the sentence structure and …