Call for reviewers: EADH 2018

The 1st EADH Congress, to be held in Galway, Ireland from 7-9 December 2018 is seeking proposal reviewers.
The broad theme of the conference will be „Data in Digital Humanities”.

This conference will implement the EADH multi-lingualism policy – that is, to foster multilingualism as an
appreciation and recognition that our studies are closely tied to the cultures which nourish them, and that in
this relationship the specificity of language is an essential component. Thus the EADH endeavours to promote
diversity and dialogue among cultures and languages, and to avoid the privileging of one culture/language to
the exclusion of others.

In practical terms EADH in its conferences accepts proposals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish; and
other languages subject to the availability of reviewers.

The EADH is seeking to establish a wide and as varied as possible a pool of reviewers for this conference.

  • Reviewer candidates must meet at least two of the following requirements:
    Be currently associated (or have been recently associated) professionally with an institutional DH
    program, project, or initiative within the last three years.
  • Hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent in a DH-relevant discipline (including, but not limited to, the
    Humanities, Social or Natural Sciences, Library Science, Fine Arts, etc.)
  • Have published a DH-specific article or essay in a scholarly journal or volume (either print or electronic)

Candidates should state all the languages in which they can review proposals.

The conference Call for Papers will be published shortly. It is expected that the review process will take place
during May and June 2018.

Nominees should submit their information and qualifications, and indicate their willingness to
serve as reviewers on this form. Forms should be returned by email before April 9 to
Self-nominations are welcome.