Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities

logo-University_of_GothenburgThe Master’s programme in Digital Humanities falls at the intersection of digital technologies and the central domains of the humanities. The programme enables you to explore both themes and issues in the humanities as well as digital technology in relation to contemporary society, culture and research.

You receive training in computer-aided research methods and digitisation of texts and images. These skills can be applied for example when making cultural heritage material digitally accessible, at the same time as you will have the critical competence needed to ask the important questions.

Thus, the field of Digital Humanities concerns the investigation of themes in the humanities with the support of digital technologies, but also vice versa. We explore digital technologies from a traditional humanities perspective and problematise different approaches to new technology and the use thereof. You get to practise creating critical perspectives and thinking innovatively around the relationship between the humanities and the past, the present and the future. In digital humanities, you can work with everything from medieval texts to visual presentation of data.