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20 October 2020

Workshops and tutorials (updated!)

Workshop: Higher Education Programs in DH and DSS
Time (GMT +3): 10:00-15:00
Info: https://lnu.se/en/research/searchresearch/digital-humanities/workshop-riga-2020/ 
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Workshop: TwinTalks 2: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration in DH
Time (GMT +3): 11:00-13.30
Info: https://www.clarin.eu/event/2020/twintalksdhn2020 
Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclO3BhXpDKPglnn8MdgwVbvoSJwq5Nu67O3wrwR7rkRKy-lQ/viewform

Workshop: Intellectual History and the Digital Humanities: Prospects and Challenges
Time (GMT +3): 13:30-17:00
Info: https://markjhill.github.io/ih-and-dh/ 
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Workshop: Parallel Corpora as Digital Resources and Their Applications
Time (GMT +3): 12:00-17:10
Info: https://parallelcorporadhn2020.github.io/
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Tutorial: An Introduction to Computer Vision for Working with Digitised Heritage Collections
Time (GMT +3): 09:30-14:30
Info: https://github.com/davanstrien/computer-vision-DHNoridic-2020-workshop
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Limited number of participants 

Tutorial: Hands-On Research Data Management for Digital Humanities
Time (GMT +3): 10:00-13:00
Info: https://arockenberger.github.io/rdm-ws_dhn2020/
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Limited number of participants 

Discussion: Digital Approaches for Endangered Language Communities: Nordic Practices
Time (GMT +3): 12:00-17:00
Info: http://www.livones.net/lili/en/notikumi/pasakumi/
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