Albert Edelfelts brev

A digital collection of letters of Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905), one of Finland through the ages the most prominent visual artists. The collection currently comprises 320 letters that Edelfelt wrote to his mother Alexandra Edelfelt during the years 1867 to 1875 and from 1885 to 1888. These letters offer a great insight into the golden age of Finnish art as well as the late 18th century Finnish, Nordic and European cultural history. The collection also includes the images of his artworks and sketches as the aim of the edition is to offer an unprecedented reconstruction of Edelfelt’s oeuvre, both in text and in pictures.

All the letters from Albert Edelfelt to Alexandra Edelfelt in Swedish Literature Society’s possession have been scanned and posted on Findingthe national search portal for libraries, archives and museums.


Society of Swedish Literature in Finland Association in cooperation with the Finnish National Gallery and the Ateneum.

Project members

Maria Vainio-Kurtakko, Henrika Tandefelt & Elisabeth Stubb

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