Social Sciences and Humanities Open Marketplace (SSH Open Marketplace)

Time: Monday, 27/May/2024: 12:30 – 17:00
Organiser: Edward Joseph Gray, DARIAH-EU / IR* Huma-Num, France

This workshop will present to the DHNB 2024 Community what the SSH Open Marketplace is, how to use it, and guide users in the process of uploading their resources into the Marketplace.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Marketplace (SSH Open Marketplace) – – is a discovery portal which pools and contextualizes resources for Social Sciences and Humanities research communities: tools, services, training materials, datasets, publications and workflows. The SSH Open Marketplace showcases solutions and research practices for every step of the research data life cycle. In doing so, it facilitates discoverability and findability of research services and products that are essential to enable sharing and re-use of workflows and methodologies. The SSH Open Marketplace, developed during the Horizon 2020 Project SSHOC, is maintained by three ERICS: DARIAH, CLARIN, and CESSDA.
Following a brief presentation of what the SSH Open Marketplace is and how it works, participants will be supported by members of the Editorial Board of this discovery portal to write and document their research scenarios, based on the tools and research methods that they use in their daily practice.

This workshop is aimed at those who develop, maintain, or use digital humanities tools and services and wish to valorize them in a European context. Beyond this group, this workshop is of interest to those researchers who would like to harness the power of SSH Open Marketplace Workflows to create a step-by-step guide of how to complete a research process, and in doing so, produce a new form of research output beyond the usual blog or journal article, and one that is fully inscribed in an open-science context. The first half of the workshop can be useful for those participants that wish to learn more about the SSH Open Marketplace, how it functions, and how to use it – the second half will be dedicated to on-boarding resources. In any case, participants should bring a laptop, and ideally, have a few ideas in mind of what they would like to put in the SSH Open Marketplace.
LIMIT: 50 participants