Master’s Programme in Digital Culture

University of Bergen

Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS credits), Degree: MA in Digital Culture

Digital Culture is the study of the relationship between culture and technology. Our focus at the University of Bergen is on digital arts and culture, with two main focus areas: 1) digital textuality and 2) critical and historical approaches to technology and society. Research and teaching are based on theoretical, historical and analytical approaches to digital culture together with practical applications of technology in the humanities context.

Teaching at the MA level is research based. Current research at the department includes work on electronic literature and other new forms of art and narrative that are developing in the digital media, work on gender and technology, on blogging as a learning and communication tool and as a form of narrative, on online games (MMOGs) as a cultural arena, on online social networks, and on using technology to analyse textual expression by computational means. We also have close contact with research groups working on text technology and computational linguistics.