The Nomination Committee of DHNB opens the call for nominations for five positions for the next election period which starts on 15 February 2022. Board members are normally elected for a 3-year period, and three positions are open for the period 2022-2025. In addition, one position is open for the period 2022-2024, and one position for the period 2022-2023.

The term of three of the current Board members, Anda Baklāne (Latvia), Veronika Laippala (Finland), and Olle Sköld (Sweden), runs out. These three Board members are all available for a second term, 2022-2025. In addition, Mikko Tolonen (Finland) wishes to step down and is not available for the rest of his term. Therefore, we open a call for a replacement for 2 years: 2022-2024. Also Ditte Laursen (Denmark) wishes to step down and is not available for the rest of her term. Therefore, we open a call for a replacement for 1 year: 2022-2023.

You can see the current full board at the website: http://dig-hum-nord.eu/about-dhn/board-members/.

More information about the DHNB Board can be found in the statutes.

Every member of the association* has the right to nominate a candidate for a position on the Board. Every member of the association may be nominated for election to the Board provided that

  • the nominee confirms his or her willingness to serve in writing and is supported by two members of the association other than the nominee;
  • the nomination reaches the nomination committee by midnight (CET time zone) on February 15, 2022.

The Nomination Committee will consider all valid nominations, keeping in mind the purpose of the association and the need for Officers, as well as 1) overall geographical representation of members, 2) continuity versus turnover, and 3) diversity (DHN Statutes §7.2). Given the current composition of the Board, we would encourage proposals from the countries that are not yet represented in the Board. In order to achieve a good balance on the Board, it would be good to see nominations of researchers from universities or similar.

Nominations should be sent to the Nomination Committee, Bente Maegaard bmaegaard[at]hum.ku.dk and Sanita Reinsone sanita.reinsone[at]lulfmi.lv by February 15, 2022.

Questions about the election process may be addressed to the nomination committee. Questions about the responsibilities of the Board may be addressed to the chair of the Board, Mikko Tolonen mikko.tolonen[at]helsinki.fi .


* Only members in good standing (this means that the fee for 2022 is paid) are eligible and have voting rights. To renew your membership, please follow the instructions on our website http://dig-hum-nord.eu/about-dhn/join-dhn/