New Forum for Digital humanities: constituting meeting, January, 18, 2016

Lars Burman, Johan Svedjedal, Per Cullhed vid Uppsala universitet inform:

Forum for Digital humanities intends to be a meeting place for researchers and practitioners in this vital area. Its purpose is to open for discussion and exchange of experiences, in the long run to seek to establish more stable organizational forms, to develop forms for technical support within the university and to organize common multi-disciplinary tasks of development and research. Since the big university libraries have since long had the leading role in the area of digitalization particularly related to the humanities, there is here a mutual interest of cooperation between researchers and library.

We hereby take the initiative to establish a Form for Digital humanities in Uppsala. Our activities start in sprin 2016 with a series of seminars. Any one interested in participating in this activity are welcomes to a constituting meeting on Monday, January 18, 2016, at 14.15-16.00 in Tidskriftsläsesalen (TLS), The inner room. (No pre-registration necessary)