Call for Nominations to the DHNB Board

The nomination committee of DHNB opens the call for nominations for three positions for the next election period which starts on 15 February 2021. Board members are elected for a 3-year period.  The term of three of the current Board members, Koraljka Golub (Sweden), Annika Rockenberger (Norway), and Mikko Tolonen (Finland), runs out. Koraljka Golub […]

DHN Board: Call for nominations

The annual General Meeting of the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN) is to be held in Riga in connection to the DHN conference 17-20 March 2020. Board members for the next election period will be elected before 10 March, and the nomination committee therefore opens the call for nominations. Board members are elected for a 3-year period. […]

The General Meeting of DHN: agenda

The General Meeting of DHN will be held in Copenhagen in connection with the DHN2019 conference. Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019 Time:  17.00–18.00 CEST Place: University of Copenhagen, South Campus. Room 15A.0.13 AGENDA 1. Opening of the meeting2. Approval of the agenda3. Election of chair and secretary for the meeting4. Election of checkers, who […]